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Full Service Criminal Defense Lawyer


Criminal Defense Lawyer | Budris Law Group

An effective Criminal Defense Lawyer | Budris Law Group can be invaluable to you when facing criminal allegations:

  • Protecting your constitutional rights at all steps of the process, from the initial investigation and the arrest, to searches and seizures, the prosecution, plea negotiation, trial, sentencing and appeals.
  • Looking out for your best interests, present and future. Any criminal conviction can impact your life tremendously and we seek to minimize and avoid negative consequences.
  • Leveraging our resources throughout the broader community and within the legal circle to obtain the best possible services, programming and results for you.

These are just a few of the services inherent in working with our criminal defense lawyers. We offer comprehensive criminal defense no matter what charge you face. Founder Lisa Budris has grown the firm over 20 years, never wavering on her sole commitment to providing outstanding criminal defense advocacy and counsel.

If you’ve been accused of, or charged with a crime, you need someone who will stand up for your rights. Call 310-779-9484 for a free consultation with a Criminal Defense Lawyer | Budris Law Group. Harvard Law

A Full-Service California Criminal Defense Lawyer Budris Law Group

Regardless of your circumstances, we aggressively pursue outcomes tailored to your needs and goals. We handle it all — murder and manslaughter charges, felonies, violent crimes, traffic offenses, misdemeanors and everything in between.

Our team approach has led to many successful results over the years. We work closely with investigators, forensics experts and others to build the strongest defense cases possible.

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Contact us online or call 310-779-9484 (toll free at 800-216-2253) to arrange a free consultation to discuss your situation and possible options. Our criminal defense lawyers are accessible 24/7 and will meet with you at our office or in jail. Credit cards are accepted. Hablamos español.

Our Clients Say

Thank you so much you have really been a blessing to us and we really appreciate everything you have done. It was very reassuring to see others that were not prepared due to an oversight by their attorneys. We are so thankful to have you on our side as our lawyer and be able to have this opportunity. We can tell that you really cared and that you truly enjoyed helping people. Everything was very organized and thorough. Lisa’s pricing was affordable and I will definitely refer her to anyone who needs a criminal lawyer.


Thank you Lisa for all your Ambitious hard work ! You helped me get me through a few tough situations ! She acts diligently to bring you the best outcome ! And has been persistent to all cases she has represented me ! I would highly recommend her services as she is one of the best in so-cal ! Thank you again lisa you have truly made an impact on my life ! God bless & Much love 😇👏


Lisa changed my life. I had 6 charges open, that’s 6 separate cases on top of not completing a 60 day jail stint. She told me to get help for alcohol and mental health. I did. She told me to calm down. I did. She told me to trust her I did. She told me to pay her a very fair amount. I did. She was my 3rd attorney after the two so called “big wig” attorney’s in town just took my money and didn’t do a thing! I’ve been sober 9 months and my life has taken an amazing turn for the better. Anyhow, back to my cases. She got mental health deferment for all of them. I did do a 6 month outpatient rehab and went and still do attend a lot of meetings. But she FOUGHT for me!!! She believed in me!!! She acted like a mother I’ve never had!! I needed that at the moment. I thought I was gonna end up doing months in jail. Just trust this woman is honest, full of integrity and if she can’t move mountains and get this system to be more than fair, no one can. I owe u a lot Lisa Budris!!! Worth every penny.


Amazing job! I hired Lisa remotely and she was so responsive and on the ball. She made court dates and follow-up appointments with no prompting from me. I felt 100% secure in her ability and discretion. Lisa is professional and detail oriented. She knows her business and helps make the client feel secure in their legal rights. I wish there were more than 5 stars to give!

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