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Defending Charges Of Stalking Criminal Threats

If charged with stalking criminal threats, you should be aware of the following:

  • Criminal threats can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the seriousness of the threats.
  • As a felony, criminal threats counts as a strike under California’s 3 strikes law.
  • The court will issue a protective order preventing you from contacting the alleged victim.
  • If you violate the order, you can go to jail and be charged with the separate crime of violating a protective order.
  • A conviction may result in probation, anger management classes and community service.
  • Threats do not have to be made verbally, but can also include other communications such as email, letters, etc.

Have you ever said something you later wish you had not? Such is the case in many cases involving criminal threats where one person threatens to harm another. Often, a statement made during an argument or under stress can lead to serious criminal charges. If you are facing this situation, you need professional legal advice from a  criminal lawyer dedicated to the protection of your rights.


At Budris Law Group, we focus entirely on criminal defense across Los Angeles County. We can help you understand why you are charged with criminal threats, stalking or even harassment. Our criminal defense attorneys will then work to build a strong defense case on your behalf.

We employ a team approach to our criminal defense practice. This means whenever necessary, we work with other professionals to provide the most accurate and effective services possible.

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