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Experienced Defense of Weapons Charges Violations

Being in possession of a weapon or using a weapon in the commission of a crime could result in serious penalties including jail time. A criminal defense attorney at the Budris Law Group, can help you understand the charges that are pending against you and how we can take action to prevent them from having an impact on your life.

  • We handle charges such as assault with a deadly weapon, weapon possession and others involving all types of weapons, including firearms and knives.
  • There are a number of strict laws that govern the possession and use of weapons. If you are found to be in violation of any of these laws, you may be charged with a weapons crime.
  • Some weapons are legal for you to possess, but only in certain environments and circumstances. For example, if you have a permit to carry a handgun in a location that does not permit you to have the handgun on your person, you may be charged with a crime.


Weapons Used In Other Crimes

Using a weapon during the commission of another type of crime, such as a robbery, may result in additional charges being filed against you. Additional charges will increase the jail time and other punishments you may be facing upon conviction.

Felon In Possession Of A Firearm, Weapons Charges

A felon in possession of a firearm is a type of charge where someone who was convicted of a felony and is barred from possessing or owning a firearm in the future has allegedly been found in possession of one. These text charges may result in the violation of probation or bond and may result in extensive jail time and other consequences.

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