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Aggressively Defending Sex Crimes Charges

Our criminal defense lawyers at the Budris Law Group have gained experience defending sex crimes including:

  • Rape and sexual assault: A conviction on a rape or sexual assault charge may lead to an individual being required to register as a sex offender. We strongly believe individuals who are accused of or charged with rape seek legal counsel as soon as possible, since the legal system as well as the general public take these cases very seriously and assume the worst. We work to see that charges and/or consequences are decreased or dismissed, whenever possible.
  • Prostitution: If you are arrested on suspicion of prostitution or soliciting, you may be facing jail time as well as other consequences. Our firm can help you understand the potential defense strategies that may help minimize the impact on your life.
  • Indecent exposure: Even a minor situation such as urinating in public can become an indecent exposure charge. Take action to defend yourself against these types of charges in order to prevent yourself from social stigmas and having this on your criminal record.
  • Unlawful sex with a minor: Often referred to as statutory rape
  • Other sex offenses:
    • Molestation
    • Sexual abuse
    • Crimes against children

An investigation, arrest or conviction for a sex offense can leave a long-lasting effect on your life. The stigma of sex crimes is heavy and you could face uphill battles even if you are falsely accused or acquitted.


Securing the assistance of an experienced and skilled criminal defense lawyer is critical in cases involving any type of sexual crime. At the Budris Law Group, we are proactive and take a strong approach to sex crime cases. We know the stakes are high for our clients and we use the full force of our resources and connections to prepare the best defense possible.

Getting A Head Start

In our experience, many sex crimes or sexual abuse charges are filed based on false accusations. Sometimes, a bitter divorce or family law dispute can lead someone to making damaging statements. Other factors like jealousy, mistake or manipulation can cause someone to lash out.

Our lawyers rely heavily on early intervention and prevention. We employ detailed investigative procedures to evaluate every angle of a case as early as possible. Sometimes, we can prevent charges from ever being filed. By getting a head start, we have saved our clients immeasurable time, money and hardship in defending themselves.

Our effective early approach results from our team mentality. We use private investigators to follow up on all facts and analyze the alleged victim. We explore issues like inappropriate sexual tendencies and use lie detectors and DNA testing at times.

The consequences of a sex crime conviction range from jail, prison, mandatory sex offender registration and a lifetime of trying to overcome the past. Let us pursue the best possible outcome for you.

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