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For questions and assistance with criminal charges involving these and other related crimes, turn to the Budris Law Group:

  • Fraud: Any situation in which money was illegally gained may be a case of fraud, a type of white collar crime. Regardless of the reason for the intentionally deceptive actions, the government takes all types of fraud very seriously. We handle all types of fraud charges, including:
    • Credit card fraud
    • Internet and computer fraud
    • Wire fraud
    • Mail fraud
  • Health care fraud: Medical professionals and individual citizens alike may be accused of health care fraud if payments from a health care insurance agency were received illegally and/or not applied to the billed medical services. These are very serious charges, and health care insurers often take action against anyone they may suspect is committing fraud.
  • Embezzlement: An employee who is accused of taking money from his or her place of business may be facing embezzlement charges. We are aggressive in our defense of employees who have been charged with embezzling funds and are seeking to minimize consequences, have charges decreased or dismissed, or have the full case dismissed.
  • Other theft-related charges:
    • Shoplifting (amounts under $50)
    • Thefts of higher value
    • Grand theft
    • Larceny
    • Robbery
    • Burglary
    • Extortion (blackmail)
    • Elder financial abuse
    • Fraudulent checks
    • Identity theft

Don’t let criminal charges steal away your future. Whether you are charged with a petty crime like shoplifting or a serious felony fraud offense, Budris Law Group is on your side, providing exceptional criminal defense services when you need them.


Any crime involving theft, fraud or extortion can interrupt your life and cause you and your family distress. With our theft attorneys, you have more than 20 years of criminal defense experience working on your side. Firm founder Lisa Budris focuses the practice exclusively on defending those charged with crimes throughout Los Angeles County. We know the system. We know the players. We know how to help you get the best outcome possible.

Many of these charges involve prosecution in California’s state court system. Some, however, are more serious and are handled in federal courts. We are prepared for any scenario and will help you understand your rights and options. Big issues in theft crimes include heavy fines, jail, and prison and restitution. If your case is already finished and you have questions about expungements or how to clear your criminal record, we can address that, too.

Put our knowledge and experience where you need it — in your defense.

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