Need Help With An Expungement Or Dismissal?

At Budris Law Group, we help clients with the expungement process. Our lawyers will work hard to help you obtain relief and address your questions such as:

  • Am I eligible? Generally you are eligible if you completed probation for a felony or misdemeanor offense, are not facing current charges, are not currently on probation or serving a sentence and were not sent to state prison. There are exceptions for the types of crimes that can be expunged, such as sex crimes and crimes against children.
  • What does the process involve? We will evaluate your case to determine your eligibility, look into applicable expungement laws, prepare the paperwork and represent you at a required expungement hearing.

The greatest benefit of an expungement is being able to legally answer "No" to questions about whether you have a criminal record.


This is a tremendous benefit, as those with convictions regain the ability to complete employment applications, housing applications, secure state licenses and more without fear of being denied because of your past.

Dismissal Of Criminal Charges

Expungement is the process of having certain information on your criminal record set aside. Records of guilty pleas, no contest pleas and trial convictions are eliminated from your record.

Contact us today to help determine whether you could start the expungement process. It could significantly change your life.

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