Domestic Violence

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Are You Facing Domestic Violence Assault Charges?

We will guide you through the process, protecting your rights and helping you obtain the best outcome possible in domestic violence cases involving:

  • Spousal abuse and injuries to cohabitants
  • Domestic battery
  • Child abuse
  • Child endangerment
  • Elder abuse

An innocent quarrel with your spouse, domestic partner or boyfriend/girlfriend? Not necessarily. An argument can turn ugly for both people in no time. When criminal charges result, the consequences can be severe.


Before you do anything to jeopardize your defense case, contact our firm, Budris Law Group. We are based in California, and for over 20 years have dedicated our practice to representing people across all of Los Angeles County. The criminal justice system can be harsh and unfriendly to those unfamiliar.

Helping You Fight Charges And False Domestic Violence Allegations

Disputes between those involved romantically can lead to an arrest for misdemeanor or felony domestic violence, or other charges like stalking or criminal threats and even more serious crimes like murder or manslaughter. Ideally, we would help clients prevent such events from ever happening. Since we can’t be there to stop the escalation, we can help minimize the damages afterward. If the allegations are false, we will use the full extent of our resources to investigate and uncover the facts.

Whatever the circumstances, you need legal protection. But Even first-time convictions result in 30 days in jail as well as a year-long domestic violence class. Judges often issue protective/restraining orders that prohibit contact between the two of you. Most importantly, a conviction for domestic violence will be on your criminal record permanently. A background check can reveal these convictions and keep you from getting a job, a state license or other benefits.

We will aggressively pursue any outcome that prevents you from having a harmful domestic violence conviction on your record. Contact us for help today.

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