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Los Angeles Criminal Law Blog

California Bar Sends Out Email in Error With Question Topics

The Supreme Court of California plans to investigate exactly how an email disclosing this year's topic for bar exam questions was inadvertently sent to several law school deans, prompting the State Bar to email the essay topics to all test takers to level the playing field. Approximately 9,000 have students completed the first day of the test, which takes place on July 30-31, 2019. 

Restaurant Burglary Ring Hits Locations in Santa Monica, Redondo Beach

Law enforcement has warned Los Angeles restaurants to be aware of a burglary ring that has targeted locations in Santa Monica and other nearby cities. Burglaries have occurred at restaurants in Los Angeles, Gardena, Culver City, Redondo Beach, and Malibu, according to police. 

Popular App FaceApp Raises Privacy Concerns

#AgeChallenge went viral earlier this month, as celebrities and online users began using an app called FaceApp to age normal photos of themselves to post online. Several days later, online users raised alarm as many claimed the app was created by Russians who "owned" all the photos on your phone once the app was downloaded and used. 

IVF Clinic Involved in Embryo Mixup Has History of Sexual Misconduct Allegation

The CHA Fertility Center in Los Angeles made headlines earlier this month when two families filed suit following the alleged mixup of two couples' genetic material, resulting in one woman giving birth to two boys who were not related to her or each other. Its since been revealed that CHA's then medical director was sued in 2006 and accused of having a sexual relationship with a patient and lying about the egg retrieval process to keep seeing her. 

New Laws Could Target Racist 911 Calls

Grand Rapids, Michigan is considering a law that would regulate 911 calls that are a result of racial profiling; joining state legislators in New York, Oregon and other areas of Michigan who have advocated similar laws. The proposed measure would make it illegal to call 911 on people of color who are "participating in their lives."

DUI Facts, Myths, and Tips

It's widely known that Memorial Day Weekend is a popular time for vacations and parties; along those lines, it also results in an increase in DUI numbers. The California Highway Patrol reported 941 arrests for suspected DUI violations statewide over Memorial Day Weekend in 2018, up from 818 in 2017. 

Felicity Huffman Pleads Guilty in College Scandal

Actress Felicity Huffman appeared in court in Boston Monday morning to plead guilty to fraud conspiracy charges in connection with the college admissions scandal that has dominated recent headlines. Huffman has admitted to paying $15,000 to William Rick Singer in an attempt to raise her daughter's SAT score. 

3 Arrested After Carjacking Ends in Fiery Crash

The Torrance Police Department arrested three suspects after they crashed a stolen care into a retaining wall near Carson Street and Merrill Drive in Torrance. The suspects are believed to have stolen the Nissan Sentra at gunpoint from a woman in the Torrance Target parking lot, less than a mile from the scene of the crash.