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Posts tagged "drug offenses"

Drug crimes and related charges

It's not unusual for those facing drug charges to also be accused of other crimes. Possession of a firearm or using a weapon in the process of drug activity are common weapons charges, and you can also be charged with illegal possession of a firearm if you have a previous felony record from other drug offenses.

Investigation shows unfair serious consequences for minorities

An investigation by a major news organization reveals that the country's top gun-enforcement group chose to target ethnic and racial minorities during recent drug sting operations. The investigation, conducted by USA TODAY, shows that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives targeted minorities during the use of a large number of stings during the past 10 years. The operations lure suspects by promising a major cash payoff for robbing a house known to have a drug stash. Nine out of 10 defendants convicted in those cases are minorities, many of whom had a lack of knowledge that they were targeted by the government agency in the first place.

Women cleared for lack of knowledge in drug trafficking case

A California man has pleaded guilty to federal drug charges after an officer reportedly found a significant amount of several illegal substances in the man's vehicle. The 34-year-old man has pleaded guilty to federal drug charges including possession with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of cocaine. It does not appear that an illegal search and/or seizure occurred in the case, in which bundles of cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin were located in the man's vehicle. The key part of this case: Two women who were in the vehicle with the defendant were cleared of charges after their lack of knowledge about the drugs was established.

Chinatown physician facing prescription drug charges

A San Francisco physician is facing drug charges after reportedly writing unnecessary painkiller prescriptions for homeless individuals throughout the region. Those people were then used to sell the drugs, promoting a scheme that ultimately yielded thousands of dollars for the supposedly unscrupulous doctor. The 68-year-old man has entered a not-guilty plea in connection with the allegations, which include drug charges such as dealing and conspiracy. The man has still been indicted on drug charges, even though it appears that he had lack of possession of the actual drugs in the criminal case.