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Posts tagged "criminal charge"

San Pedro's Harbor Division Jail to Reopen within Three Years

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck has promised to reopen San Pedro's jail at Harbor Division within three years. The jail closed due to an employee shortage that occurred during the recession. Beck plans to bring more officers to the Harbor Division, as announced at the Los Angeles Forum on Crime in San Pedro on February 4th.

Criminal defense: Being charged with making criminal threats

Accusations of domestic violence, stalking or making criminal threats are often involve situations where a disagreement became heated. These situations commonly involve two parties who know each other, although this is not always the case, and it's easy for people to say and do things in the heat of the moment that they later wish they could take back. While you can't go back in time, having solid legal representation can ensure your rights are protected and make the process less overwhelming.

No cash for bail? Criminal defense can rely on property bonds

After you or a loved one are arrested for an alleged crime, you may be wondering about your next legal steps. It is usually helpful if the defendant is able to secure his or her release from custody through bail or a property bond. Even if you do not think you have the money to pay for bail, then criminal defense, there are multiple options available. One of these little-known options is called a property bond, and it can help defendants get home faster, where they can start working together with their legal team to fight the criminal charges.

'Crime spree' defendant arrested after series of thefts, assaults

A California man has been taken into custody after he allegedly caused a "crime spree" that left several people injured in Malibu and Pacific Palisades on Aug. 11. The man, age 44, was reportedly armed with a box cutter during an alleged assault. The injured victims in this case reportedly suffered wounds because of car accidents associated with the event.

Bieber pleads 'no contest' to California egg-throwing

Justin Bieber has made the news a lot in the past year, from his Miami drag-racing Lamborghini incident -- where he resisted arrest, cursed at law officials and was found to have drug and alcohol in his system -- to throwing eggs at a neighbor’s house in California. The pop star is also facing charges in Canada for an assault on a limo driver.

Man mounts criminal defense over kidnapping, abuse accusations

A California man who is accused of kidnapping a teenage girl and holding her for a decade has pleaded not guilty to charges of rape, lewd acts on a child and kidnapping. The defendant, age 41, allegedly drugged and took the girl. He was dating her mother at the time of the alleged offense. The man's criminal defense attorney tells news outlets that the victim's claims of sexual and physical abuse are outright lies.

State senator mounts criminal defense against firearms charges

A California state senator is facing serious federal allegations in connection with a federal investigation for corruption and arms dealing. The man, State Sen. Leland Yee, will be required to mount a criminal defense against accusations that he solicited campaign contributions from an undercover federal agent in exchange for brokerage through an international arms dealer. Yee, a Democrat from San Francisco, allegedly has connections to a Chinatown gangster who has been convicted of drug crimes and racketeering, among other violations.

Criminal defense to change with new meaning of hands-free law

Drivers are required to use hands-free technology while behind the wheel in California, right? Not so fast; if you are caught using your phone while driving, you could avoid having to mount a criminal defense. The reason: Drivers are now allowed to use maps on their cellphones without risking punishment. Although this is definitely good news for drivers, law enforcement officers say there may still be confusion about what is allowed under the state's hands-free regulations.

California man mounts criminal defense for kidnapping, assault

A California man is facing criminal charges after he reportedly kidnapped his girlfriend, holding her against her will for more than a week and sexually assaulting her. The man will be forced to mount a criminal defense against the allegations, which include claims of kidnapping, along with attempted murder, domestic assault, false imprisonment and violating a restraining order.