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Posts tagged "allegations"

What does it mean to be charged with domestic violence?

If you are facing a criminal charge for domestic violence, you may be wondering about the implications and impact that this action could have on your personal future. Further, you may be confused about why a domestic violence charge was brought against you in the first place. Defendants who are accused of family violence should know about the legal aspects of domestic violence allegations, which can be brought because of a variety of violations.

Is bullying a crime? Criminal defense experts not convinced

Kids will be kids -- but should they be held legally responsible for their bullying behavior? One California city is answering that question with a resounding "yes," as legislators attempt to criminalize bullying among students. Further, anyone up to age 25 could be required to mount a criminal defense against bullying allegations, which would be considered misdemeanor crimes.

Chief executive fired after pleading guilty to domestic violence

A high-profile Internet businessman has been released from his position at a San Francisco startup after a recent domestic violence conviction. The 31-year-old man had entered a guilty plea in early April in connection with allegations of domestic violence battery and battery. Those accusations were levied after he allegedly beat his girlfriend in August 2013. This case demonstrates the serious consequences that can reach into defendants' personal and professional lives after a domestic violence conviction.

State senator mounts criminal defense against firearms charges

A California state senator is facing serious federal allegations in connection with a federal investigation for corruption and arms dealing. The man, State Sen. Leland Yee, will be required to mount a criminal defense against accusations that he solicited campaign contributions from an undercover federal agent in exchange for brokerage through an international arms dealer. Yee, a Democrat from San Francisco, allegedly has connections to a Chinatown gangster who has been convicted of drug crimes and racketeering, among other violations.

Former California official accused of domestic violence

A former California state assemblyman has denied allegations of child endangerment and other crimes after he was arrested on March 12. The man, who was arrested under suspicion of domestic violence, said he has been unfairly accused. Although officers cannot release information about the victim, the defendant claims that he knows the complainant is his wife, and he said she lied about the incident. So far, no formal charges have been filed in the incident.

Pastor accused of arson had restraining order pending

A California religious leader who has been accused of bombing his ex-girlfriend's home claims that he was not involved in the attack. News reports show that the man is accused of a series of attacks against the woman; she had reportedly sought and received a restraining order against the pastor of the Fellowship Baptist Church. The defendant in the case says he has been falsely implicated in the firebombing, which occurred as six other people were inside the victim's home.

California man mounts criminal defense for kidnapping, assault

A California man is facing criminal charges after he reportedly kidnapped his girlfriend, holding her against her will for more than a week and sexually assaulting her. The man will be forced to mount a criminal defense against the allegations, which include claims of kidnapping, along with attempted murder, domestic assault, false imprisonment and violating a restraining order.