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Drug Charges Archives

Adult Use of Marijuana Act proposed for November ballot

The Adult Use of Marijuana Act is a marijuana legalization initiative proposed for the November 2016 California ballot. The 62-page initiative includes many new provisions and regulations of state law, and calls for allowing adults 21 and over to possess up to one ounce of marijuana, regulation and taxing of marijuana's production and sales, and the revision of criminal penalties to reduce marijuana felonies. If voters approve the initiative, California will join Colorado, Washington, Alaska, and Oregon as states that permit recreational marijuana use.

JetBlue flight attendant charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute

The flight attendant who abandoned luggage containing roughly 70 pounds of cocaine at Los Angeles International Airport and ran from authorities last week was arrested in New York. Marsha Gay Reynolds, a flight attendant for JetBlue, was selected for a random security screening while passing through LAX on March 21st when she kicked off her heels and made a run for it, leaving behind her bags which contained 11 separate packages of cocaine totaling 68.49 pounds.

Understanding your rights after you are arrested

One of the first thing officers are likely to do after you are placed under arrest for a drug crime is read you your Miranda rights. While you may have heard these familiar lines in any movie or TV show involving law enforcement, they take on a completely different significance when it is you in the handcuffs.

Drug crimes and related charges

It's not unusual for those facing drug charges to also be accused of other crimes. Possession of a firearm or using a weapon in the process of drug activity are common weapons charges, and you can also be charged with illegal possession of a firearm if you have a previous felony record from other drug offenses.

3 facing federal drug trafficking charges in marijuana case

The state of California is known for being tough on those charged with drug crimes. This is true for charges involving simple possession but even more so when the charges include weightier crimes likes trafficking or smuggling. As the following case shows, the possible penalties can be very severe when the federal government gets involved.

How can drug convictions affect California students?

When you are charged with a drug offense, one of the first things that is likely to come to mind is whether there is the possibility of jail time and what other consequences may be in play. The reality is that a drug conviction carries both immediate penalties, such as prison time, and can also impact your life in the future. For college students, the consequences may even affect their eligibility for financial aid.

Focusing on treatment for drug issues in California

While it is very true that many people are behind bars because of drug charges, the state of California has been trying to focus more on treatment over the last two decades. The drug court program that is in use now -- officially called the Los Angeles County Drug Court Program -- started back in 1994.

Prop 47 is good news for those facing drug charges in California

With the recent election in the rearview mirror, residents in California have had some time to digest the results. One of the most hotly contested items on the ballot here in Los Angeles and in other American cities was a proposition to reduce drug possession to simple misdemeanors. California passed proposition 47, known as The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act, by a 55 percent vote, which going forward means possessing drugs like marijuana for personal use will only result in misdemeanor charges.

Why you need an attorney if you are facing drug offenses

Prosecutors in California are famous for their aggressive pursuit of drug-related convictions. As a result, those who are facing charges for drug crimes in the state should be aware that an equally aggressive defense strategy may be required. If you are facing even modest drug charges, these allegations could have a significant impact on your professional and social future. Do not allow yourself to be steamrolled by overly intimidating prosecutors – stand up for your legal rights by choosing an experienced legal team.