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Domestic Violence Archives

What is considered evidence of domestic violence?

Domestic violence cases are notoriously hard to prosecute because relationships are complicated and an unhealthy relationship is not necessarily an abusive one. Evidence of abuse is also difficult to come by as many of these end up as he-said-she-said cases without physical documentation.

Key statistics about domestic violence

It's important to note how often domestic violence takes place in order to get a sense of how frequent these types of arrests are made. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, domestic violence could take place as often as every 20 minutes. Naturally, arrests are not made in all of these cases, but this still shows just how frequently these types of things are reported.

What qualifies as domestic violence?

Facing domestic violence charges can be an understandably worrying experience, and defendants can find themselves being accused of domestic violence without any physical contact having taken place. There are many myths and misunderstanding about what qualifies as domestic violence in the state of California, but knowing this information can help defendants be better prepared for their court proceedings.

Domestic violence: Do I really need an attorney?

Even the best of relationships have issues at times, and it only takes a few seconds for a disagreement to escalate. When arguments get heated and emotions run high, it is easier for people to say and do things they wouldn't normally. However, even a one-time mistake can have life-long consequences because domestic violence cases in the state of California are prosecuted aggressively. When you are facing charges of domestic violence, you need someone experienced in these types of cases by your side to help you through the legal process.

Can restraining orders be filed against me for domestic violence?

The short answer to this question is yes, but it is important to understand that there are several different types of domestic violence-related restraining orders in Los Angeles, California. If you are embroiled in a situation in which someone has made domestic violence accusations against you, it is a good idea to learn about them as soon as possible.

Domestic violence leads to 2 deaths in California

The community in the neighborhood of San Gabriel Valley was rocked by the news that two people were killed in a reported domestic violence incident. Both of them were stabbed, and the police think that the person who killed them was related to them in some fashion. San Gabriel Valley is a neighborhood in Pasadena, California.

What does it mean to be charged with domestic violence?

If you are facing a criminal charge for domestic violence, you may be wondering about the implications and impact that this action could have on your personal future. Further, you may be confused about why a domestic violence charge was brought against you in the first place. Defendants who are accused of family violence should know about the legal aspects of domestic violence allegations, which can be brought because of a variety of violations.

What to expect after you are arrested for domestic violence

So, you have been arrested on domestic violence charges in California. You are probably worried about the upcoming legal processes -- and you might not have a clue about what to expect after you are taken into custody. Although the criminal defense process may seem a little intimidating, you can quickly learn the basics. Today, we provide you with information about what to expect after you have been arrested and are facing domestic violence charges.

Chief executive fired after pleading guilty to domestic violence

A high-profile Internet businessman has been released from his position at a San Francisco startup after a recent domestic violence conviction. The 31-year-old man had entered a guilty plea in early April in connection with allegations of domestic violence battery and battery. Those accusations were levied after he allegedly beat his girlfriend in August 2013. This case demonstrates the serious consequences that can reach into defendants' personal and professional lives after a domestic violence conviction.