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ET-94 joins the space shuttle Endeavour at California Science Center in Exposition Park

Nearly four years after the Endeavour made its journey from LAX to the California Science Center in Exposition Park, massive space shuttle fuel tank ET-94 made its way through Los Angeles to join the space shuttle. According to the science center, it is the last existing flight-qualified space shuttle external tank. ET-94 weighs approximately 66,000 pounds and is as tall as a 15-story building.

The tank took 18 hours to complete its 16-mile trip, starting in Marina del Rey. ET-94 left a Louisiana NASA facility on April 12, and began a 5,000-nautical-mile trip around the tip of South America to Los Angeles, where it arrived last Wednesday. Onlookers gathered to watch the tank move through Inglewood and South Los Angeles, and traffic jammed due to various street closures.

While Endeavour's trip took three days and caused the uprooting of hundreds of trees because of its massive wingspan, only 70 trees were trimmed for ET-94. According to the Inglewood chief superintendent, the biggest issues were traffic signals, 29 of which had to be picked up and rotated to a 90-degree-angle to allow the tank to pass by.

Both Endeavour and ET-94 were donated by Lynda Oschin in honor of her husband, Samuel. The Oschins are financing a new display at the California Science Center where the full shuttle stack will stand vertically by 2019. The complete shuttle stack will include an orbiter, external tank, and solid rocket booster in launch configuration.

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