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May 2016 Archives

Inadvertent Client-Attorney Relationships

Most lawyers are all too familiar with the following scenario: you are at a dinner party (or any other social setting) and you mention to someone you just met that you are an attorney. Instantly that person has a legal situation or problem that they want to tell you all about - despite your insistence that you are unfamiliar with the facts and/or that area of law. Imagine that this person's issue does happen to fall under your area of expertise, and they begin to share confidential information and asking more probing questions. Certainly you don't wish to be rude, but at what point does this conversation tread into dangerous waters?

ET-94 joins the space shuttle Endeavour at California Science Center in Exposition Park

Nearly four years after the Endeavour made its journey from LAX to the California Science Center in Exposition Park, massive space shuttle fuel tank ET-94 made its way through Los Angeles to join the space shuttle. According to the science center, it is the last existing flight-qualified space shuttle external tank. ET-94 weighs approximately 66,000 pounds and is as tall as a 15-story building.

Three suspects charged in Shailo Leafa murder

If you have driven down Pacific Coast Highway towards Harbor City in the last year, you probably remember the giant billboard asking for any information about the 2014 murder of 21-year-old Shailo Leafa, located just up the street from the hookah lounge where Leafa was shot. After two years with little to no leads, last week the LAPD Harbor Division received new information that led to the arrest of three Harbor City gang members.

Dealing with conflict from a lawyer's perspective

All good lawyers are well-versed in dealing with conflicts - from family members and loved ones who want you to represent them in a legal matter, to clients convicted as co-defendants who both want you to represent them. Generally, conflicts refer to any number of circumstances where there is a substantial risk that your client may be materially and/or adversely compromised by your own interests or your duties to another current or former client, or a third-party during the course of your representation. Not identifying and resolving conflicts from the beginning can result in various unwanted consequences; including state bar discipline, civil liability for legal malpractice, disqualification as counsel in a litigated matter, and inability to collect fees or disgorgement of fees.

SBx2-7 raises smoking age from 18 to 21

Governor Jerry Brown signed SBx2-7 on May 4th, making California the second state to raise the smoking age from 18 to 21. Additionally, Brown signed other bills that will restrict the use of electronic cigarettes in public places and increase no-smoking areas at public schools. The bills were approved during a special session of the California State Legislature focusing on healthcare, and will go into effect on June 9th, 2016.

Adult Use of Marijuana Act proposed for November ballot

The Adult Use of Marijuana Act is a marijuana legalization initiative proposed for the November 2016 California ballot. The 62-page initiative includes many new provisions and regulations of state law, and calls for allowing adults 21 and over to possess up to one ounce of marijuana, regulation and taxing of marijuana's production and sales, and the revision of criminal penalties to reduce marijuana felonies. If voters approve the initiative, California will join Colorado, Washington, Alaska, and Oregon as states that permit recreational marijuana use.