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June 2015 Archives

Understanding your rights after you are arrested

One of the first thing officers are likely to do after you are placed under arrest for a drug crime is read you your Miranda rights. While you may have heard these familiar lines in any movie or TV show involving law enforcement, they take on a completely different significance when it is you in the handcuffs.

What if I acted in self-defense?

Violent offenses can be some of the most serious crimes, and if the offense is a felony, a conviction can mean lifelong consequences in addition to any jail time. Those who have been convicted of a felony often have a harder time finding employment, and in some industries — such as any that involve working with children, the elderly or the disabled — it can immediately disqualify you from the applicant pool. It's also important to remember that with California's three-strikes law, repeat felony convictions can have serious repercussions.