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Drug crimes and related charges

It's not unusual for those facing drug charges to also be accused of other crimes. Possession of a firearm or using a weapon in the process of drug activity are common weapons charges, and you can also be charged with illegal possession of a firearm if you have a previous felony record from other drug offenses.

One thing to keep in mind is that weapons charges do not only involve guns. Knives and other items such as brass knuckles often have laws governing who can carry them or long how long they can be. If you are found in possession of one of these weapons during a drug arrest or even just a routine stop, it can mean additional charges and additional penalties.

The penalties for weapons charges vary depending on the exact nature of the alleged crime, but if the charges are in conjunction with another offense, it can mean longer jail sentences and higher fines than if the other offense would have been committed without the weapon. There are several defense strategies available for these types of crimes, but only a criminal defense attorney can help you understand which ones may apply to your situation and which has the highest chance of bringing about the best outcome.

When you have questions about your weapons or drug charges and need real answers from an attorney who deals with these types of cases all the time, the Budris Law Group can help. We understand the serious nature of these crimes and know how to help you present the best possible defense.

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