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October 2014 Archives

Murder-related charges require a fierce Los Angeles defender

Any crime that is associated with the death of a person can carry life-long penalties. Anyone in Los Angeles who is facing charges involving manslaughter, homicide or murder must take these charges seriously, whether he or she is guilty or not. This is not a time to face the criminal justice system on your own.

Domestic violence leads to 2 deaths in California

The community in the neighborhood of San Gabriel Valley was rocked by the news that two people were killed in a reported domestic violence incident. Both of them were stabbed, and the police think that the person who killed them was related to them in some fashion. San Gabriel Valley is a neighborhood in Pasadena, California.

No cash for bail? Criminal defense can rely on property bonds

After you or a loved one are arrested for an alleged crime, you may be wondering about your next legal steps. It is usually helpful if the defendant is able to secure his or her release from custody through bail or a property bond. Even if you do not think you have the money to pay for bail, then criminal defense, there are multiple options available. One of these little-known options is called a property bond, and it can help defendants get home faster, where they can start working together with their legal team to fight the criminal charges.