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Why you need an attorney if you are facing drug offenses

Prosecutors in California are famous for their aggressive pursuit of drug-related convictions. As a result, those who are facing charges for drug crimes in the state should be aware that an equally aggressive defense strategy may be required. If you are facing even modest drug charges, these allegations could have a significant impact on your professional and social future. Do not allow yourself to be steamrolled by overly intimidating prosecutors – stand up for your legal rights by choosing an experienced legal team.

You may be surprised to learn that drug charges do not always relate to the sale or possession of illegal drugs. In fact, legal prescription medication is also often involved in alleged drug crimes, and even physicians and other medical professionals may find themselves facing criminal charges. Charges can be brought for prescribing and selling these products in an illegal fashion.

Our criminal defense attorneys can provide you with the information you need to combat a variety of criminal charges related to drug possession and distribution. No matter whether you are facing a minor misdemeanor for marijuana possession – or you have been accused of felony distribution of harder drugs such as cocaine or heroin – we are here to help.

Too often, prosecutors take a punitive approach to drug possession rather than pursuing the options that would help criminal defendants achieve rehabilitation and become productive members of society. For that reason, criminal defendants should realize that they need courtroom advocates to protect their interests.

Every criminal case is unique, which is why our team of experienced attorneys is committed to customizing your defense strategies. You do not have to suffer at the hands of an overly ambitious prosecutor. Instead, improve your likelihood of a positive outcome by relying on criminal defense attorneys. To learn more about drug crimes, including illegal search and/or seizure, visit our webpage.

Source: Budris Law Group, "Drug Crime Defense Attorney" Sep. 01, 2014

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