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July 2014 Archives

Investigation shows unfair serious consequences for minorities

An investigation by a major news organization reveals that the country's top gun-enforcement group chose to target ethnic and racial minorities during recent drug sting operations. The investigation, conducted by USA TODAY, shows that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives targeted minorities during the use of a large number of stings during the past 10 years. The operations lure suspects by promising a major cash payoff for robbing a house known to have a drug stash. Nine out of 10 defendants convicted in those cases are minorities, many of whom had a lack of knowledge that they were targeted by the government agency in the first place.

Bieber pleads 'no contest' to California egg-throwing

Justin Bieber has made the news a lot in the past year, from his Miami drag-racing Lamborghini incident -- where he resisted arrest, cursed at law officials and was found to have drug and alcohol in his system -- to throwing eggs at a neighbor’s house in California. The pop star is also facing charges in Canada for an assault on a limo driver.