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Chief executive fired after pleading guilty to domestic violence

A high-profile Internet businessman has been released from his position at a San Francisco startup after a recent domestic violence conviction. The 31-year-old man had entered a guilty plea in early April in connection with allegations of domestic violence battery and battery. Those accusations were levied after he allegedly beat his girlfriend in August 2013. This case demonstrates the serious consequences that can reach into defendants' personal and professional lives after a domestic violence conviction.

News reports show that the man had originally entered not guilty pleas for all charges associated with the alleged altercation. Attorneys in the case said that prosecutors were simply overreacting to a simple argument between the man and his girlfriend. The woman even told prosecutors that she wanted to drop the charges, but those attorneys said they would continue even if she chose not to testify. The overzealous prosecution team even caused some evidence to be excluded from a potential trial, as officers had illegally seized surveillance video from the defendant's home.

The man speculated that he would have been cleared of the felony charges if the case was permitted to go to trial. He had been facing 45 felony charges in connection with the incident. Prosecutors said he struck the victim more than 100 times and then attempted to suffocate her with a pillow. However, he pleaded guilty based on advice from his company's leadership. Now, he will serve a three-year probation term and attend domestic violence classes. He is also, sadly, out of a job.

The man had been the chief executive of an Internet-based advertising company known as RadiumOne. He claims that he was hoodwinked by the board of that company, who advised him to plead guilty to the misdemeanors and then ousted him from his position anyway. When the man refused to resign during a special board meeting, he was fired from his position at the firm. The man has definitely suffered a damaged reputation because of the aggressive prosecution that occurred throughout this case.

Source:  The Fresno Bee, "Tech firm fires CEO convicted of domestic violence" No author given, Apr. 28, 2014

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