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Domestic violence charges for man in spear attack

Family violence is a touchy subject, with alleged perpetrators sometimes fearing that they will be turned in to the police. Those defendants may feel threatened by a third party, who could possibly cause them trouble if their questionable actions were reported to the law. Even if the person has not done anything wrong, he or she may fear retaliation from friends or family members who do not understand what they saw. A California man is facing serious criminal charges after he allegedly attacked someone with a homemade spear when that person spoke to authorities about a domestic assault. The defendant in this case reportedly attacked a third party after that person witnessed a potential domestic violence incident at his home.

The man is charged with criminal threats, exhibiting a deadly weapon, domestic battery and a variety of other crimes in connection with the incident.

Authorities say the domestic violence victim had been struck by the defendant during the evening hours on Dec. 8. That 26-year-old woman sought safety at her cousin's house. When the cousin took the victim back to retrieve her vehicle, the defendant reportedly threatened her with a club. Both the victim and the cousin spoke to police officers, but no information was given because they feared retaliation. A police officer stayed behind to talk to the apartment manager; at that time, screams were heard from the defendant's apartment, and he was allegedly found attacking the victim with a stick that had a large knife attached. The man then barricaded himself in the apartment in an attempt to destroy the makeshift weapon.

In this case, the man is facing domestic battery charges for his alleged decision to assault the victim with a spear. Defendants charged with such serious crimes may benefit from the assistance of a criminal defense attorney, who can help them understand the implications of the charges they face. Attorneys can educate clients, providing them with the information necessary to make the best possible decisions in their own criminal cases.

Source:  Red Bluff man arrested after attack with spear" No author given, Dec. 09, 2013

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