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December 2013 Archives

Chinatown physician facing prescription drug charges

A San Francisco physician is facing drug charges after reportedly writing unnecessary painkiller prescriptions for homeless individuals throughout the region. Those people were then used to sell the drugs, promoting a scheme that ultimately yielded thousands of dollars for the supposedly unscrupulous doctor. The 68-year-old man has entered a not-guilty plea in connection with the allegations, which include drug charges such as dealing and conspiracy. The man has still been indicted on drug charges, even though it appears that he had lack of possession of the actual drugs in the criminal case.

Domestic violence charges for man in spear attack

Family violence is a touchy subject, with alleged perpetrators sometimes fearing that they will be turned in to the police. Those defendants may feel threatened by a third party, who could possibly cause them trouble if their questionable actions were reported to the law. Even if the person has not done anything wrong, he or she may fear retaliation from friends or family members who do not understand what they saw. A California man is facing serious criminal charges after he allegedly attacked someone with a homemade spear when that person spoke to authorities about a domestic assault. The defendant in this case reportedly attacked a third party after that person witnessed a potential domestic violence incident at his home.