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November 2013 Archives

Ex-councilman to plead guilty in record California bribery case

A California bribery conviction can result in up to four years of prison time, fines, restitution and, for public officials, the permanent loss of an appointed or elected office. Criminal defense attorneys know the stakes are very high for Los Angeles defendants, which is why early, thorough, skilful legal representation is vital.

Does forced decryption fall under Fifth Amendment protections?

As confusing as encrypting a computer file may sound, it actually isn't that complex. The simplest way to think about encrypting a computer file is to imagine making a riddle: taking a sentence and then jumbling up all the letters and words, for example. As the creator of the riddle, you know the answer. You know how to make the encrypted message make sense. But other people will have to figure it out, and they may struggle to do so.