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Cee Lo Green facing felony drug charge in Los Angeles

Famous singer and celebrity judge on "The Voice" Cee Lo Green is facing a felony drug charge in California after a woman accused him of drugging her at dinner. The singer pleaded not guilty to furnishing a controlled substance, which is a felony drug charge. 

The singer was arrested and charged with the drug crime after allegations surfaced that he drugged a woman when they were having dinner. The prosecutors said Green is accused of putting ecstasy into a woman's drink before they went to her hotel room. There were also allegations of sexual assault, but prosecutors did not charge the singer with rape of an intoxicated individual due to lack of evidence of the sexual assault. 

Part of the evidence used by prosecutors included a tape recording of Green talking about ecstasy made by the woman. Prosecutors are using this evidence as a confession by Green admitting to using the illegal drug. 

Even though Green is not facing any sexual assault charges stemming from the alleged incident, the felony drug charge could still result in serious consequences if he is convicted. If he is convicted of the furnishing a controlled substance, he could face up to four years in prison. 

This case is an example of the criminal charges individuals can face if they are accused of slipping someone an illegal drug or accused of using a controlled substance like ecstasy. Felony drug charges should be taken very seriously as they can result in harsh prison sentences as well as be listed on your criminal record. Individuals facing felony drug charges should contact a criminal defense attorney to discuss their specific cases. 

Source: Los Angeles Times, "Cee Lo Green pleads not guilty to felony ecstacy charge in L.A.," Nardine Saad, Oct. 21, 2013

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