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October 2013 Archives

Criminal expungement can be very beneficial for job applicants

Two of the most difficult things that will confront a person who was convicted of a crime (or even someone who is not convicted, but was arrested for an alleged crime) are finding a place to live and obtaining a job. People who have a criminal history often have their past come back to haunt them, even after they have paid their debt to society (may it be jail time, or fines, or other consequences).

Cee Lo Green facing felony drug charge in Los Angeles

Famous singer and celebrity judge on "The Voice" Cee Lo Green is facing a felony drug charge in California after a woman accused him of drugging her at dinner. The singer pleaded not guilty to furnishing a controlled substance, which is a felony drug charge. 

Top court agrees to hear California traffic stop case

One of the basic tenants of criminal law is that police must have probable cause to conduct a search without a warrant. This is why officers should wait to witness erratic or illegal behavior before taking further steps. However, does an anonymous tip change this requirement?