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Charges against singer dropped, his probation reinstated

It doesn't matter who you are - a criminal conviction is never the highlight of one's life. In many cases, even if the accused person is just an everyday civilian, the incident that led to the charges might end up in the local newspaper. That media attention spreads nationwide for anyone who is well-known, making the situation that much more stressful and complicated.

Many Los Angeles residents have likely heard of R&B singer Chris Brown. The singer has been on probation for a 2009 assault incident involving his then-girlfriend, the famed Rihanna. Then in May, Brown was involved in a car accident, which led to a hit-and-run charge, as well as driving without a license and driving without proof of insurance charges. Eventually, all three charges were dropped.

Unfortunately, a person does not need to be convicted in order to violate his or her probation, so the car incident led to a judge revoking the singer's probation and setting a new court date.

After heading back to court, with the help of his defense team, the singer was able to reinstate his probation. They also made an agreement that Brown would serve 1,000 hours of community labor.

As readers can see, it only takes charges in order to send an accused person's life into a tailspin. In these kinds of situations, it can be crucial to get the support of a criminal defense lawyer. In Brown's situation, the probation violation could have led to jail time. Instead, not only were all charges dropped in relation to the car accident, but his probation was reinstated.


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