Case Results

Recent Cases 2014

April 2014

  • Compton Court - Negotiated no filing on misdemeanor battery charges. Client avoided criminal charges, probation and losing medical license.
  • Harbor Justice Center, Newport Beach - Civil Harassment case. Case dismissed and client avoided permanent restraining order.
  • Metropolitan Court - avoided filing of misdemeanor domestic violence charges. Client avoided criminal charges and no criminal record.
  • Metropolitan court - Client facing probation violation and county jail. Client avoided county jail and reinstated on probation.
  • Airport Court -Multiple charges of vandalism and grand theft. Client received community service and an infraction.
  • Torrance Court - Client facing vandalism and public intoxication charges. Charges dismissed. Avoided criminal conviction.

March 2014

  • North Justice Center, Fullerton Court - Client charged with Felony Possession of Concealed Firearm/ Felony Possession of Controlled Substances facing state prison. Client ordered to community service and probation.
  • Torrance Court - Client charged with resisting arrest by an officer. Charges dismissed. Client avoided severe fines, probation and community service.
  • Airport Court - Client charged with petty theft. Facing three years of probation, community service and fines. Client received reduced charge and 6 months of probation.

February 2014

  • Torrance Court - Felony Fleeing an Officer/ Probation violation. Facing state prison. Charge reduced to misdemeanor and reinstated on probation without any jail/state prison time.
  • Long Beach Court - Felony Probation violation client facing state prison. Client was reinstated on probation with no state prison time.
  • Long Beach Court - 2nd time driving on suspended license due to a DUI conviction. Charge reduced and no county jail time.
  • Mojave Court - DUI with accident/Possession of controlled substance. Client facing alcohol program, community service, restitution, fines and county jail. Charges dismissed .
  • Torrance Court - Client charges with Felony Commercial Burglary with petty theft priors. Client facing 2 years state prison. Sentenced to drug program and avoided state prison.
  • Torrance Court -Negotiated no filing on client for misdemeanor domestic violence charge.

January 2014

  • Fontana Courthouse - Client charges with Felony Drug Possession. Facing state prison, community service and formal probation. Charges dismissed
  • Ventura Court - DUI charge/Driving on Suspended License. Facing county jail, alcohol program, community service and probation. Charges dismissed.
  • West Justice Center, Westminster Court - Felony Domestic Violence charges. Client facing 52 week batters program, community service and formal probation. Negotiated that charges will not be filed.